Monthly Archives: May 2009

Even the Breeze Has Weight

Tell it to the wind.
Tell it to the night.
Tell it to the cieling fan
circling above your head
where you are alone
because you chose
to be.

You’re safest
in life
when no one
can answer

final liquidation sale, closing doors forever

when you found me
i had nothing,
was nothing, felt

now i have
even less.

at least i didn’t get a parking ticket

walking in the rain
in sandles
is like maneuvering
a greasy floor.

it must have rained
just for me.

grief is tasteless
and dry
like choking
down hot dogs
at a hot dog eating

How Much I Really Love You

Wrapped like a mummy
in layers of gauze
lies the truth
of you
and I
to turn to dust
and blow
upon opening.

You Should Know, When You Take a Class Called Literature of Genocide

The floor in this classroom is laminate
made to look like wood.  It sounds like plastic
when you walk on it, and it’s nearly impossible
to scoot your chair closer to the desk
if you are sitting in it.

Sometimes before class
I take a half hour nap
in my car.  Not today.  Instead,
I assembled a breakfast of strawberry
yogurt and black coffee.
It’s sitting on the desk in front
of me.

We’re going to watch
The Killing Fields, my professor
informs us.  We need to start
it straight away.  Technology, he mumbles.
Does anyone know how to work
the volume on this?
Can someone get the lights?

I sit in the very front in this class
because I know
I will cry.

In what is now called Turkey,
there was a genocide.
In Germany,
there was a genocide.
In Cambodia,
there was a genocide.
I watch the bombs explode.
I watch the babies cover their ears
with their hands and scream.
I watch the babies wander
in circles looking
for their families.
I watch the babies
burnt, burning, crying.
I watch the helpless

I think of my babies,
chubby legs, running, laughing,
sleeping under
soft blankets tucked safely
in their beds at night.
I’m sweating as I lay my head
in my left hand
at the front of the room
and cry.  I wonder
if anyone notices my shoulders
and falling.

I am embarrassed.

Back home, after picking
the twins up from daycare,
I get them juice, turn
on some cartoons,
turn on my laptop to check
my messages.

Unfair, I read.
Unfair Unfair.
Look at me!
Look at me!
they scream.

And I think
fuck all you
goddamned motherfuckers.