Tapetum Lecidum

Sure as shadow puppets
their pasts
are solid
and often just around
the corner she speaks
numbers, laws, and other
things pulling words
from crystalline
honey, she is
enunciating, among square
things woodeny
the curves
of her body
are punctuating
establishment white
walls no doors,
no windows.

The best girls
have always been
he thinks
or was it
that they made
go crazy
or was it more
that it is
that was crazy
and she
was just
the first to

They say when a ray
of light hits
a surface
it bounces in a certain
way, and a punch to the head
does to the brain
what a car wreck does to passengers.
And she watched
her light bounce off his cornea
without cease
no matter how hard
she struggled
against him,
no matter how hard
she struggled
to make him

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