Monthly Archives: October 2009

Be Right There

You stand
on hardwoods in front
of a dirty
four pane window
with no curtains, head
tilted sideways
and up,
the faintest
hint of a smirk tugs
your mouth, bowed
and full bottom lip.
Eyes empty, you are somewhere
deep inside,
behind the creases
in the corners,
holding your life
for someone
yet to come.


Piece by piece
it starts coming back
to you,
a winter coat here,
a printer there,
an alarm clock
someone didn’t need.
Pretty soon,
you may even have
your own place
to stay.

Does it all come
back someday?
And if it does
will it be
completely different
or frighteningly
the same?

Feeling Her Pain

It’s the tip
of hatred brushing my back,
fingernails dirty
with the film
of barroom floors,
(open mics
where no one cares
what you’re reading
if you have nice tits)
and the frantic loneliness
of masturbation.

It’s the frustrated whoosh
of a scream on my neck,
(her breath,
Reeser’s potato salad,
fried chicken
and cigarettes)
unheard, or barely
audible. The howl
of the dead to the living,
rustling a curtain
stirring a tree branch.

Outside, the sky
alternates, blue,
to grey, rain
to sun. The weather
undulates, pushing clouds,
lighting leaves
on fire. It’s cold
then warm, then cold

He wraps his arm
around me, pulls his
massive coat across my
shoulders, and we
walk along
the river
the Hawthorne Bridge.