Daily Archives: November 5, 2008

Each and Every Second of You

The entire reason I’m sitting here
right now at this antique desk
in a darkened room
in front of a glowing screen
in an uncomfortable chair that squeaks
each time I shift
my body to get comfortable,
is simply to say
that if I could do it all over
again, I would enjoy each and every second
of you more and worry about
losing you less.
And the longer I type the more
I wonder why
I would ruin this poem
by saying anything more.

My Needle, My Thread

My needle, my thread.
An ‘e’ here,
a ‘j’ over there,
sown into the line
a ‘p’ or a ‘q’.
Embroidered a rhyme,
mended a thought.
Now where did
I put that verb?
Pricked my finger
on a curse word,
dropped a tangled
unraveling on the floor!
My needle, my thread
and my words.