Video Deposition

Hyena is as shadow stretched
speaking in his grinning way,
a million needle pointed teeth,
dripping reassuringly
‘til Rabbit’s frantic heart stops racing
fast as prey from predator.

Four grey stones pressed to her breast,
she holds them close, cradles them.
My God, she sighs through bunny lips
as sunrise creeps over the ridge,
“Thank you for Hyena’s keep.
The babies sleep as sound as Keats.”

4 responses to “Video Deposition

  • lostpoem

    you’ve done something interesting here.

  • Roger C.

    Wonderful new design…….

    Still waiting for my journal……..

  • jeniferwills

    Hey Sana, yah it is something a little different for me. Your comment was pretty much the feedback I was hoping for. It’s a class assignment, so I’m a bit stretched on it.

    Roger, it’s shipped but seeing you are a crazy brit, yours will take just a little longer. ;) Did you see it in the post below this?

    Thanks guys,

  • lostpoem

    yes jen. its wonderful to go crazy with the verses. sometimes, the crazier the better. but this was one of the coolest bits i’ve read in a while.

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