Orb of sweetness!
You are a plethora
of non flavors,
each overpowering
the next.
Slyly, you infiltrate
the barrier of my lips,
nestling yourself snugly
in my cheek.
You linger-
protruding from
and distorting
my features.
Bulbous blob of nectar!
Your name suggests
I should not bite.
Still, I try,
only to find my teeth
an unworthy opponent for
your legendary strength.
I desist-
fearing you might prove
your name true.
You persist, filling
my mouth with
your syrupy sweetness,
which rolls down my throat,
as the trail of a slug,
both attracting and
repelling my
baffled taste buds.
Upon removal from
my mouth, I find
-oh wow!-
you have changed your color!
then plop-
you are returned
to your aqueous tomb.
Chameleon of candy!
Peddler of the sugar rush!
You are truly
an all day sucker.

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