Any Robot Would Have to Agree

You cannot
let go
of something
you were never allowed
to hold.

(Click picture to know where it came from…)

3 responses to “Any Robot Would Have to Agree

  • fn

    congrats on the move 2morrow, jen! u, the kids & the padre must be excited! happy 4 all of u!!!!!! tell the padre 2 email me when the moving is done… & the unpacking! tell the kids i’m waving at them!!! take care & all will be well.

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  • Ms. Wonder

    Have been enjoying your poetry, and this particular one really spoke to me in a personal situation. I wrote a blog post about it and referred to your poem. Not sure if you have copywrites or what…new to blogging so not sure how to reference things from other blogs. So please let me know if there is a problem with my referring to your poem. And again…thanks for this little gem…

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