Male, Pale and Old

We will soon release an online publication dedicated to men of the small press. It will be titled ‘Male, Pale and Old – Seventeen Outstanding Men of the Small Press’. This online publication, like its sister ‘Don’t Call Me Plath’, will be completely free of charge. It’s a beautiful color journal of over one hundred pages profiling some of the brightest male writers in the small press both established and up and coming. We are very proud to announce the men who will be featured within:


Jeremy Brunger –

Christopher Cunningham

Harry Calhoun

Danny Fahey

Dr Zen

Father Luke

Jeff Fleming

Nathan Graziano

Stephen Hines

Mr. Lally

Hosho McCreesh


David McLean

Patrick Nathan

William Taylor Jr.

Vincent Turner

I would like to extend my gratitude to each author for his patience in working with me during a very busy time in my life. I would also like to thank them for contributing their excellent work to this publication. Each one has been a pleasure to work with.

Look for a link in the coming weeks…


2 responses to “Male, Pale and Old

  • Jeremy

    Yes, honey, I asked you this twice before and was never answered.

    Is it in print or is it a pdf? I know the costs of print, yes, but by god it’d be a pretty little thing to put on my shelf. I’d rip out the poets I don’t like and would thus feel proud.

    • jeniferwills

      I’m sorry I haven’t answered your question yet. This one will be in pdf as it would be a monster to print, with all the color photos and all that. The journal will be in print and I’m sure you’ll be in that. You can set it on your shelf as it will be equally pretty.

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