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We All Swing Both Ways, Guy – nowedon’t

They had a reel to reel
and a velvet couch,
a deck
with a gazebo
and a hot tub
and a large Dodge van
they’d named
The Blue Box’.

We took a trip
to the coast.  He played
Michael Jackson

and Christopher Cross
very loud. When we
got to where we were going
he announced:
The sunshine arrives
when The Blue Box
Gets There!’
as a coked up disk jockey.
My Mom’s sister wore
flowing night

My mom
wore torn underpants
and flannel.  At night
I would wake to get a drink
of water and find her
on the couch, cigarette
tip glowing red
hot in the dark.

The reel to reel
fascinated me, but at the time
I thought if I spoke
into the stereo speakers
playing the basketball game
on the radio, my parents
could hear me where
the were, watching
the Portland Trail Blazers.

My mom would visit
her sister while
I lounged on the floor
listening to middle aged
early 80’s music,
watching the tape
grow smaller
on one side
and larger
on the other.

They were the first
family I knew
of who didn’t smoke
in the house.