Daily Archives: January 3, 2009

I Wonder If We’re Family Enough By Now That You Know This Important Thing Too

You will know I was there
of course –
by now I’m certain
you see all.
But maybe you don’t know
what I was doing. I spent
a while looking
at your face. I half
expected you to speak.
I thought I
saw you blinking.
I remembered
how it feels to touch
your mouth,
the breach between
your chin and your mouth.

there is a tangle of yarn
that is our arguments, struggles
and fears
that winds itself
around my body
in impossible knots
until I cannot move
but I struggle
against it nonetheless.

Tonight I listened to Lola scream
at her brothers.
Fed up,
she screeched –
vocal cords grinding –

And they did, knowing
as family does,
that she did not
mean forever.