I Wonder If We’re Family Enough By Now That You Know This Important Thing Too

You will know I was there
of course –
by now I’m certain
you see all.
But maybe you don’t know
what I was doing. I spent
a while looking
at your face. I half
expected you to speak.
I thought I
saw you blinking.
I remembered
how it feels to touch
your mouth,
the breach between
your chin and your mouth.

there is a tangle of yarn
that is our arguments, struggles
and fears
that winds itself
around my body
in impossible knots
until I cannot move
but I struggle
against it nonetheless.

Tonight I listened to Lola scream
at her brothers.
Fed up,
she screeched –
vocal cords grinding –

And they did, knowing
as family does,
that she did not
mean forever.

4 responses to “I Wonder If We’re Family Enough By Now That You Know This Important Thing Too

  • Father Luke

    We got chips.

    – –
    Father Luke

  • jeniferwills

    holy guacamole.

    missed you.


  • galivanting

    damn good jen.

    damn good.

    your writing is so consistent these days…

  • galivanting

    ok ive read this too many times

    enough for the missing comma on s2 l3 to bother me…

    still like it…. the bringing it into reality by having lola screamin at the boys is genius… other wise this woulda been just another poem about another dude on the nets that you yearn for constantly and because of that fight with them as constantly but, in your poetry you find yourself stuck in your reality…

    or i could have this completely wrong and youve found a real tangible man like you describe in the first stanza… though i doubt it because you place yourself there, but not there… as though you were unnoticed at the time…

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