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There’s Not Much Rage in a Lower Case ‘i’

Well coiffed women roll
their fluid hips through the darkened
room in expensive dresses
where expressionless faces
hold prop drinks
in one hand and clap
the best they can
against plastic cups
with the other.

There are poems
about people who write poems
or publish poems
or how no one publishes
what they should.

There are poems
about sex
or drugs
or doing drugs
while having sex
or fucking
and doing drugs.

One woman’s
entire collection of paintings
is made
of semen
and menstrual blood.

The pasty skinned
man with yellow fingernails
and expensive suit took
black and white photos
of women in bondage
and homeless people,
and politicians walking
and a police man
eating a hot dog.

The hardwood floors
are immaculate
and slick
but the toilet
is the dirtiest
I’ve ever seen.

I hike my skirt
and go
behind the house
in the dark
with the cat

Announcing the Writers and Artists of the First Ever LiteraryMary Print Journal!!!

Without further ado, and in no particular order except that which the alphabet gives us:



Michael Berton

J. Bradley

Emily Brink

Janet Butler

Harry Calhoun

Thomas Cannon

Kelly Davio

Janann Dawkins

William Doreski

Danny Fahey

Father Luke

Glenda Fralin

Joseph Goosey

Michael Henson

Mark Kessel

David Kowalczyk

Carol Parris Krauss

Cathy Piper-Lally

Brian Maurer

J.R. MacLean

Colin McGuire

David McLean

Clayton Michaels

Chris Miller

Bob Minnery

Carl Palmer

J.R. Pearson

Joseph Reich

Noel Sloboda

Alex Stolis

Elizabeth Switaj

Joseph Vega

Trent Watkins


Meghan Adams

Jason Jones

Donald Mangum

Chris Miller


Aimee Alvarez


Isabella Chiang

Mike Coombes

Samantha Doll

Brian Maurer

Special Art Feature:

Jocelyne Desforges

The journal will be out on January 1st to celebrate the second anniversary of LiteraryMary.com.  No doubt you may recognize some of these names.  Others, I’m sure, will become familiar to you in the future as competition was fierce.  Pre-ordering information will be available soon.

Come Over to the Dark Side

LiteraryMary, journal of the beautiful, unusual and eclectic, will be publishing our first ever print issue in January of 2009, in celebration of the second anniversary of our steadily growing website of the same name. We are very excited about what this year’s journal has to offer. There will be a wide range of Fiction and Poetry featuring many talented authors. There will also be a mix of photography and art work. Our submission period is currently closed but will re-open in June. Look for prices, pre-order information and example links coming soon.

LiteraryMary Writing Forums is not your mother’s workshopping website. Well, many of us are mothers, but we aren’t your mother. We are also, kof, not a ladies auxiliary tea society. So what is LiteraryMary? We are a website dedicated to helping writers and artists of all skill levels grow and sharpen their skills on the long and often discouraging road to publication. We are also here to provide a place for writers and artists to hang out with other like-minded people. Our staff is knowledgeable and approachable. We have forums for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenplay and stage, visual art and audio. We also have forums which are hidden from non-members and search engines to protect your first rights. As a member, you are completely in control of your account and work. They can be deleted by you at any time without our permission. You work belongs to you, not us.

Maybe you’re suffering from writer’s block. That’s okay. We also have debate forums, contests, prompts and forums for socializing and fun. Rant, whine, make some friends, waste some time. It’s all good with us. We would love to pull you in for a great big soothing, slightly sweaty, possibly frightening group hug. On that note, keep in mind that if you are easily offended, our forums are perhaps not the place for you. We are a brick house. Mighty mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out.

Still with us? Good. Come inside, and make yourself at home. We’re glad you made it here.